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I got into the goth culture because when I was 9 or 10  I would sing “Friday I’m In Love” ALL the time, and start dressing in dark clothes (without even realizing what goth was). Everyone called me goth though and I didn’t discover what it was until 6th grade. 
Pic: T O L E R A N C I A by Miquixtli

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seriously considering leaving the blog-

Ashley here:

has goth confessions really helped anyone really? I feel like either leaving the blog or even just deleting it(if i can) I don’t know.

I feel like there’s no point and all the blog does is attract unnecessary drama.

Has it really helped anyone, if ever? I wanted it to turn into this great platform but it is just a repeat of old drama and ramblings. I’m just not into it and i feel like Ive(the blog) has contributed to a lot of misconceptions. I wanted to do videos but I don’t think i have the time to.

If Goth Confessions has helped you in anyway, like this post-just so i dont lose hope on this blog. If i get enough notes, then ill see what i can do to revive it. If not ill just leave and the other admins can do with it what they wish.


Misinformation, Elitism, and new beginings!

Hey Everyone!

Ashley here!

This is going to be a very important post.

Goth Confessions has been around for about, oh a year and a half I believe and a lot of things have happened around the goth community of Tumblr. Just recently, over the past few weeks,I have watched numerous videos addressing Goth, Goth Elitism as well the subject of spreading misinformation.

I am going to first address Topic Number 1: Blog updates!

This blog as you know, has been very quiet and slow. Us Admins have been busy living our lives outside of the internet and have not had the opportunity to really keep up with the blog as we have in the past. So, with that being said, this blog is going to be Updated and CLEANED OUT.

What does this mean? Well, now I will be addressing the second topic: Misinformation.

I have myself have developed a lot along side this blog: not only in terms of my goth identity but as a person. I have matured, learned, and after seeing many videos regarding misinformation about the goth scene, I look back to how I was last summer, proclaiming, 'goth is what you make of it!' and I shake my head with slight embarrassment.

Thought the next couple of weeks I will be deleting text posts from the past that promote a big misconception of goth as well as posts involving drama and the likes.

Topic the Third! Elitism:

I myself will no longer make confessions about or concerning elitism. we have an entire archive of those already made so they don’t need to be continuously made.  Also, I(most likely) will be making a page on elitism covering:

What it is

What it isn’t

The difference between an elitist and an elitist asshole.

Where do we go from here…so on and so forth…

Hopefully with this new page there will be less misconceptions, less finger pointing, confusion and less DRAMA here in the goth community of Tumblr. 


As a side project I very much want to post at least one video a week for everyone!:D This way the blog will be lively again and bring this blog back from its grave. This way I can connect with all the followers here and move this blog forward. Also, any admins who would like to make videos, DO IT! I will be making a YouTube channel for this blog as well for us admins to post to. I think it’ll really help me, and hopefully help the other admins,engage with everyone and really help and give us(me especially IDK about the others) an excuse to put on make up once a week;)

I think that’s it…

Stay spooky everyone!


blood-is-life-nevermore confessed: “Even if he’s not considered as goth by the entire subculture, i love Marilyn Manson’s music and his character.”
But seriously, imagine how hilarious that would be.
Anyway, I guess it’s not such a good idea.

Animal Cruelty Unawareness within The Subculture

It kills me to see goths who have a lot of influence within the subculture and especially online neglect the animal rights subject. Goths who consume tons of makeup products that are being tested on animals and later on recommend these products to others makes me really dissapointed. I wish people within the subculture won’t support this cruelty. For me being alternative means not consuming products that harm animals.

Admin note: while I am all for animal rights awareness and stopping animal cruelty, let’s not guilt trip those who still use make up products that do test on animals. Educate and then let people make up their own decisions. Nonetheless, awareness needs to be brought up about animal testing and animal cruelty. And lastly, it’s not JUST us goths who are unaware, others are too