Black Bat 2
I got into the goth culture because when I was 9 or 10  I would sing “Friday I’m In Love” ALL the time, and start dressing in dark clothes (without even realizing what goth was). Everyone called me goth though and I didn’t discover what it was until 6th grade. 

Black is the queen of colors.

Auguste Rodin (via gunshotstillwedie)

(Source: mycolorbook)

Pic: T O L E R A N C I A by Miquixtli
Anonymous sent: Do you think I could submit a confession to try and wake this blog from its coma, or are you about to, um, turn off life support?

Sure-submit ur own confessionimage: no ones here to do them



Oh my goodness. No…*facepalm*


I’m so goth I’m dead.

…. Undead undead undead Undead undead undead
I was a raven!
I’m sorry for the first attempt, i’m still not used to Tumblr i guess I was a Vampire Doll 
Happy Halloween from my zombie Lover and I!